Using Python, learn how to use the Sportsreference API to obtain data for NCAAB analysis

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This blog will teach you how to pull the necessary data and create a model that forecasts the price of the S&P 500!

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Burnt out on learning intricate machine learning concepts and complicated jargon? Reignite your passion by building a simple image classifier to detect pneumonia in an x-ray!

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A gentle introduction to Business Intelligence and the types of data you will encounter

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This lesser-known metric can help you better evaluate how models perform on imbalanced data

Overview of the differences in 3 common regularization techniques — Ridge, Lasso, and Elastic Net.


A guide to understanding what the limitations of an Ordinary Least Squares regression model are using Python

The Assumptions


Blake Samaha

I am a data junkie working to kick my addiction to MS Excel with Python.

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